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3 Key Reasons for Employees to Work with a Staffing Agency

Let’s face it, finding a new job is a lot of work. Scrolling the online job boards, updating resumes, preparing for interviews are just a few of the many steps it often takes to secure a new opportunity. For some people, there is a better way…use a staffing agency to help you in your search. Staffing agencies, although paid for by the client and not the job seeker, can bring value and expertise.

  • They are in the people business. Recruiters and employees at staffing agencies live and breath the job marketplace. Staffing agencies see what the job requirements are, what competitive advantages you may have as a candidate, and have the opportunity to present you as a candidate if they feel you are a match. Recruiters will be truthful with you if your qualifications fall short of the position you are interested in and will steer you towards jobs you are the right match for. They will also present your qualifications and resume if required and arrange interview times. Using a staffing agency minimizes the amount of up front effort you need to weed out jobs you should be applying for and the time it takes to submit your documentation for consideration, thus saving you time.
  • You don’t know where to start. You might have an idea of what kind of job you want but you are out of practice looking for a job or are unsure of how to get your foot in the door of companies you are interested in. Recruiters already have relationships built with companies that hire them to place candidates, they are your foot in the door. Your first step is to research the staffing agency you want to represent you. Start with ones that specialize in the type of employment you are seeking as well as one that is close in proximity to you if available. It will be helpful when going in for meetings, filling out paper work, or any testing to have your agency close to you. Recruiters will guide you along the process of your job search.
  • They want you to be successful. Recruiters are paid when they successfully place a candidate and that you remain gainfully employed for a certain contracted time period varying from day assignments to permanent hires. Recruiters will help prep you for interviews, give you resume critiques, follow up with you on your progress, and congratulate you on your placements. It is helpful to them if you follow up on your assigned tasks quickly and thoroughly, you return calls promptly, show up for interviews on time and put your best effort forward. If a recruiter feels you may not acting a partner with a shared goal of finding you a job, they will move on to more serious candidates.

With those three reasons in mind, you can see the value staffing agencies can bring to an employee starting their search saving them valuable time and frustration.