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On-Demand Temporary Staffing

Daily, Weekly, or Long-Term Assignments – The Flexibility You Need Based On Your Staffing Needs

At AAA Labor, we have built an entire business model around being available 365 days a year. When it’s an emergency and you need help, we have experienced staff ready to step in and take care of your needs. When you turn to AAA Labor, you are partnering with an employment agency that has been engaged in the practice for over 60 years. You have experience on your side.

If you utilize one of our employees for 160 hours and you decide to make them a permanent hire, you can do so without any fees. Our service gives you the opportunity to easily engage in a type of “probationary period” to see if an employee has the talent you have been looking for.  Call us at 612-871-2505 for more details.

Make Smart Hiring Decisions

AAA Labor is an avenue in which you can make smart hiring decisions. You simply give us your job requirements and we do the screening and placement for a low fee. Background check and drug testing options are also available.


Our payroll services allow you to outsource your payroll activities so you can focus on your core business. This service gives better control over screening workers and controlling head count. When you find workers on your own, you can refer them to AAA Labor to apply so that we can do the rest for you.

Benefits to this service include:

  • Saves valuable time, money, and resources commonly used when hiring talent on your own.
  • Serve as the employer of record.
  • You don’t carry all of the liabilities, AAA does. These liabilities include payroll, payroll and employer taxes, benefits, workers’ compensation, and general liability insurance.
  • AAA Labor tracks and manages unemployment claims, new hire reporting requirements, deductions from wage garnishments and child support, and records management.
  • Your risk is reduced because we provide you with part-time, seasonal, temporary, project-based, and 1099 employees.
  • There’s no additional cost to convert the payrollers into direct hires.

A Simple Process

Overall, our process is very simple and straightforward so that you can find help easily. Simply fill out the “Submit a Job” request. A manager will call you to finalize the job requirement details and the bill rate. Your job order will be filled, and your hired employee will report to the job site with a job ticket to record the hours worked. We process the employee’s payroll and then send you an invoice.

The AAA Labor Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with any step of the process, we are committed to making it right. While it is rare for a AAA employee to be a no-show or not perform to a client’s expectations, we are prepared to ensure your needs are met and will immediately send a replacement.

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AAA Labor has helped thousands of companies throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities meet their staffing needs. Submit a job online or call us at 612-871-2505 to get started.