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Restaurant & Hospitality

Restaurants throughout the Twin Cities are busy places, so they need a lot of help. When a restaurant is short-staffed, customer service can be heavily impacted. Fortunately, AAA Labor solves this problem by providing an on-demand employment solution. A client can choose to have one of our employees fill a position for as little as a four hour shift.  The length of the assignment is up to the client with the option to hire the employee permanently.

Common positions available in the Twin Cities include:

  • Prep Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Banquet Setup or Take down
  • Catering

Companies can preserve their level of service by getting help as soon as it is needed.

Helping Restaurants In Minneapolis And St. Paul

AAA Labor has helped thousands of companies throughout the Metro area when in a pinch. At the same time, many talented people looking for work have been helped as well. A single employee can work many different positions within multiple companies, which gives them experience they wouldn’t acquire otherwise. As some employees move from place-to-place, their knowledge grows.

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If you are ready to fill a position at your restaurant, you can use our job submission for to submit the position. If you are looking for work, AAA Labor can connect you with great opportunities. All you have to do is stop by the office to begin the process. To learn more, you can call 612-871-2505.