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Transportation & Logistics

The transportation industry has a wide range of jobs as transportation is a key component of the economy and the way of life that exists within the U.S. At AAA Labor, we connect transportation companies with the right talent so that a position can be filled temporarily or permanently by a qualified employee.

Some of the common transportation jobs that are available in the Twin Cities are:

  • Moving company jobs
  • Loading and unloading
  • Freight shipment and handling
  • Distribution

Companies must remain productive to have a positive impact on their bottom lines. By utilizing AAA Labor’s on-demand employee placement, a position can be filled.

Many Opportunities

For employees, the transportation industry opens up many opportunities. At AAA Labor, we work hard to connect qualified workers to the position that needs to be filled. We work hard so our clients can continue to focus on the overall operations of their businesses.

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If you urgently need a position filled within your transportation company, complete our job submission form and we will match a qualified employee to the position. If you are looking for work, stop by the office to see us so we can begin the process. To learn more, you can call 612-871-2505.